First they came for my cigarettes. Then they came for my SUV.

The latest proposal by the politically correct in the UK is to stop people from buying cheap clothing.

How ethical is your fashion, asks Madeline Holt at the BBC.

They then show a photo of a crowd at a clothing sale and ask:

What was YOUR reaction to those pictures of the new flagship Primark store in Oxford Street being mobbed by hungry shoppers?

Did you wish you were there bagging a bargain? Or did you find the whole thing an extraordinary example of Britain’s obsession with shopping?

Umm…my impression was “Bargain time”. But then a lot of us don’t have an “obsession with shopping”: we’re too busy cooking and cleaning and working a full time job to be obsessed. (Or at least I was, before I retired)… But never mind. The new environmental police can’t see women on their hour off enjoying themselves in doing what women since Neanderthal times have done: Finding stuff to decorate themselves to look more attractive.

So the article quotes one rich big shot as calling cheap clothes: “Fast Fashion”. You know, as in “Fast food”, the stuff you get at McDonalds that is making everyone all over the world fat?

So what is their aim?

Buy clothing that will wear well, and keep wearing them over and over, and don’t have so many of them.

Of course, that means working women will have to do the laundry more often (If you have lots of clothing, you just let them sit until you have time and energy for it). And not mentioned in the article: Cheap clothing tends to be polyester and washable. Good clothing requires dry cleaning, which uses (don’t say the word out loud) CHEMICALS.

And the “fast clothes” campaign won’t just work via pulbic propaganda: They propose to make “targets” for the country, and to tax  clothing they designate as non politically correct.

All of ths reminds me of an old Alec Guinness movie, the Man in the White Suit,

where a man invents a cloth that never needs cleaning, and never wears out…he ends up getting chased out of town by all the local workers at the clothes factory for putting them out of work.

Of course, the ones hit the most by this would be the workers in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guatamala etc. who now would be out of a job, but never mind. The PC Elites think they are rescuing these workers from poor paying hard work, ignoring that the alternative is no work and starvation.

But the new Puritans don’t care. Like the Puritans of old, who mandated women wear only dull grey, or the Saudis who outlawed flashy Bedouin dresses, they want to keep you pure.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 


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