It’s official!! Long considered as a beneficial health drink, the good-old tea has proved that when it comes to busting stress, it’s your safest bet.

Researchers at Britain’s University College London have found that drinking black tea over a prolonged period reduces the effects of stress.

In all, 75 volunteers, all male, non-smoking, regular tea drinkers were involved in the study for a period of six weeks. One group was given 4 cups of black tea per day while the other was given a placebo that tasted, looked and smelt the same. Both groups had to refrain from drinking other teas, coffees, any other herbal or caffeinated beverages during this period. All the volunteers were exposed to stressful tasks while the researchers monitored their cortisol levels, blood pressure, blood platelet levels, and how they subjectively rated their levels of stress.

And our black tea drinkers did it again. They were found to handle stress a lot better than their counterparts.

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