Steven Paul Mark is a newcomer to the literary scene, although you would not guess that by reading his debut novel Drift. Drift has all of the elements that guarantee a great techno-thriller, villainous villains, heroic and mostly unlikely heroes, and of course the ever slow moving establishment that always seems to be three moves behind the action.

Mr. Mark’s writing style is easy to read, the story being told through a number of different view points. Sometimes this style can be boring and confusing to the reader, particularly when each view is many pages long. Mr. Mark has adopted a different technique, he uses little bites, maybe a page or two for each protagonist. This format is easy to follow, and draws the reader into the rapidly unfolding story.

The plot itself is a very timely one, climate change, and in this case unnatural natural disasters.

The story opens in New York, our soon to be hero Max has lost his job as a middle level executive. In what turns out to be a case of very poor judgment, or just plain old bad luck Max finds part of a memo, the contents of which seem to indicate that there may be a job opening with Imperium Solutions.

Max decides that he has nothing to lose and visits Imperium Solutions. Using his marketing skills he obtains an interview. Unfortunately Max knows little about Imperium Solutions and is caught off guard when he is asked where he heard about the job opening. Trying to fool the interviewer Max mentions the name that was in the memo.

This one small white lie becomes a freight train rolling down hill with no brakes. In less time than you can say ‘Unemployment Insurance’ our hero finds himself not only unemployed, but also homeless, penniless, and a wanted man both by the police and even more serious, the bad guys that work for Imperium Solutions.

What can he do? Where can he go?

Normally when I review a book I give a synopsis of the first 75%, and leave the ending alone. This book is such a great read that to tell more than the opening would spoil it.

If you have someone on your Christmas list who is a reader, buy this book. It is a wild ride around the globe, New York to California, England to the Russian caucuses, and many places in between.

Mr. Mark is an engaging wordsmith, and he very much has caught the spirit of today, although it has nothing to do with the plot, there is one sentance that I thought summed up life today

Manny turned on CNN which, along with Fox News, had trademarked the notion of taking one story and beating it to death all day, all the time.

This has to be one of the best books I have read this year.

I have contacted Mr. Mark and he has graciously agreed to an interview. I am looking forward to writing another article about this up and coming author.

Drift can be purchased online through Booklocker and Amazon, of course you can also find it at all fine book stores.

ISBN-10 1-60145-062-1
ISBN-13 978-1-60145-062-3

Simon Barrett



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