I racked my memory for anything I had seen or heard about this fantasy-adventure appearing in the multiplex; usually there is some kind of buzz, word of mouth, friends admitting casually that they had been to see such and such a movie over the weekend. Nothing floated upwards in the magic-8 ball style memory banks. Which could also mean that it opened and closed in the local multiplexes with the alacrity of a clam between high and low tide, but a quick scan of www.rottentomatoes.com conforms that yes, indeed- this feature has gone to DVD release, it has gone directly to DVD release, it has not passed “go” and has not collected $200.00.

And if it has collected $200 dollars, that munificent sum out to go the animation artists, or at least buy them copies of Ratatouille, or “Shrek”, so they might get an idea of the current state of the art in animated features. Visually, this feature was cringe-makingly reminiscent of 1980s cartoon super-hero TV shows; it’s as if Pixar had never existed.

There was a plot, since it was based on one of the Dragon Lance legend books. My daughter, a fairly dedicated fan informs me that it stuck fairly close to the book, but that anyone who isn’t familiar with the book will be fairly confused; as I would have been, if I hadn’t been diverted by the visual spectacle. This is one for the fanboys and fangirls, a bit of chum thrown out to the die-hard devotees who will have wonderful fun, disputing over wether it is finest chum-tartare or a desecration of the most wonderful epic ever! There are already 90+reviews posted at Amazon, most of which lend credence to my theory about it being more for fans than the casual DVD watcher. “The Dragons of Autumn Twilight” is also the first of a trilogy – so consider the rest of us well warned.

“Dragons of Autumn Twilight” is available here at Amazon.com, and other retail outlets.

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