Of course this is a bit of a view into the WWF, and the rest of the sports entertainment world. Put two people in a cage, and through some choreography you have a pay per view deal for $49.99, operators are standing by!

The match up I propose is Dr Who vs Dr. Phil.

Obviously there needs to be a reason that these two would want to ‘mix it up’, that reason would have to be Casey Anthony.

Pitting two doctors against each other on this subject sounds great. But of course there are a few minor roadblocks that might create problems.

Neither are real doctors. They were both created for TV. One however has a huge advantage.

tardis.jpegDr Who has been around since the early 1960’s, and he is a Time Lord. Dr Who has saved the entire planet many times, he has whopped the Daleks in their quest to take over the universe, in fact there is little he has not done. He has achieved this all from a 1960’s Police Phone box known as The Tardis.

Being a Time Lord has great advantages, as one Dr Who tires of the role, another can take his place.

Dr Phil on the other hand has a whole different bunch of credentials, Were it not for Oprah Winfrey he likely would be working at Walmart as a Door Greeter. “Hi my name is Dr Phil, can I get you a cart?”

Dr Who has a long rich history, the program started with William Hartnel playing the part.


Dr Who saves the universe, Dr Phil has smaller aspirations, he is merely going to spill the beans on the Casey Anthony story on Sept/12. It is a great idea, there are a lot of questions left unanswered, but can Dr Phil bring anything to the table?

CBS are holding the program close to their chest, but the little they have revealed leads me to think that it is pure bunk. Lets face it, George and Cindy Anthony were less than 100% truthful on the stand. Why would they suddenly open up to Dr Bunk Phil?

Of course CBS, having been beaten over the subject of paid interviews are claiming that this interview with George and Cindy is not for money, however they add that they will be making a contribution to a(nother) charitable foundation that (big surprise) George and Cindy Anthony are in the process of setting up.

Bottom line, I’d take Dr Who (Time lord) over Dr Phil any day.

I’d also pick Dr Who over Dr Phil if the Daleks come for a visit.


Dr Who could have parked the Tardis in the Anthony’s back yard and have watched what happened to Caylee. Dr Phil on the other hand wants to play regurgitation (feeding technique employed by birds to feed their young). I could be wrong, but do you think George and Cindy Anthony told the the truth under oath?

I give 10 points to Dr Who, and minus several million to Dr Phil.

Simon Barrett

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