The Blogger nations news team has discovered the following in the breaking story. Following reports Doctor Phil McGraw is under investigation by California medical authorities, for practicing without a valid license in the Brittany spears incident. 

Our investigative team has discovered Dr. Phil. Was under the scrutiny of a States Attorney General fraud investigation run out of Topeka in 1973.

The investigation involved fraudulent misrepresentation of health spa membership. Agreements sold by the hundreds to unwitting consumers.

The victims unaware they were in fact signing long term high interest loan contracts. Contracts Doctor Phil then sold  to a financial institution for a percentage of the total loan up front in cash.

As was sometimes the case in the proliferation of health spa membership loan scams during the era. Miscreants who got wind of the law could flee the jurisdiction of the authorities to avoid extradition. Doctor Phil was a “prime focus” according to sources in the Attorney Generals office with access to the case files. When suddenly he simply closed the health spa and fled the state.

Court papers also reveal he was sued by three different Topeka banks for $41,000 between 1973 and 1974,Which in today’s money would be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But The most Starting allegation emerging which  Blogger nations is investigating. Concern allegations of sexual harassment of a female patient and bio-tech lab employee. However blogger nations in journalistic fairness to Doctor McGraw. Will publish the details only after we have been able to verify through two independent sources the facts surrounding the unfolding scandal.  

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