American TV self-help guru DR. PHIL MCGRAW faces criminal investigation by the California Board of Psychology after offering his services without a licence. The unlicensed “Doctor” agreed to treat Spears after she was committed to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following an apparent breakdown at her home on 4 January (08).

He then upset members of the pop star’s family by going public with his thoughts about Spears’ mental health and has come under fire from legitimate Doctors for exploiting the singer’s troubles.

California medical authorities received a complaint claiming MCGraw was practicing without a license the complaint states Dr. Phil is not licensed to practice psychology in California and Blogger Nations has learned he is in fact not licensed to practice anywhere in the united sates and has not held valid credentials in years.

Practicing without medical license is a serious crime in California. He attempted on his show to gloss over the lack of  certification by claiming he simply retired from private practice years ago and did not renew his license.

While “Doctor” McGraw may have a degree authorities in the medical community point out to practice you must sit for examination boards in the state you wish to practice and maintain continuing educational credits once you do obtain a license.

“Doctor” McGraw gives the impression he could simply “reactivate”  his license with a phone call if he so decided which is both misleading and considering the length of time elapsed since he did have a license it is doubtful he could pass a board exam with out first attending a year or two of formal courses to bring him up to date.

While it is always appropriate and customary for individuals who obtain doctorates in any discipline to use the title even if they do not practice or are retired. Courts and professional associations charged with regulating professions take a very dim view  of individuals who charge fees or attempt to represent themselves to the public as licensed which would seem the case with doctor Phil.

On top of allegations in the Spears incident, The good “Doctor” was recently forced to settle a multi-million dollar civil suite related to “diet” pills he was hawking.    


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