Dr. Norman Borlaug, whose work on high yield rice has been called “the Green Revolution” has just been voted to receive a Congressional Gold Medal for his work.

Dr. Borlaug received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.

While working as a Geneticist/plant pathologist at a wheat program in Mexico sponsored by that government and partly funded by the Rockefeller foundations, he helped devise a high yield disease resistant wheat, maize and rice.
But what was probably just as important, he helped in programs that introduced the high yield grains to the third world, which required an infrastructure of supplying seeds, fertilizer, and new farming techniques, as he describes HERE in his Nobel Prize speech.
At a time when the “population bomb” and inevitable starvation was being touted in the US headlines, thanks to Dr. Borlaug, Asia began to become self sufficient in food, laying the foundations for the Asian prosperity that we see today.


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