Normally, we wouldn’t bother with a Facebook flame war.  However, a “stand up comedian” by the name “Dr.” David Robinson posted some pretty unfunny things regarding child molestation on Facebook.  The exchange was forwarded to us by an observer.  “Dr.” David Robinson seems to think that in a flame war, calling your opponent a “child rapist” is funny.

Click on the image below to enlarge and read the sorry statements for yourself.


davidrobinson (1)


[Please note we put quotes around his title of “Dr.” because we cannot find any legitimate reason for “Dr.” David Robinson to be deserving of this title. We also used quotes around “stand up comedian” because he also does not appear to be funny.]

Flame wars are flame wars and generally not worth wasting time on.  However, “Dr.” David Robinson is using child molestation in his “comeback”, which find neither funny nor much of a comeback.  Child molestation is not something to joke about.  “Dr.” David Robinson should know better than to raise the specter of such a horrible act against children at all, much less in a flame war.

That “Dr.” David Robinson considers this to be “fair game” is beyond rational.  We believe that those who rush to such usage may themselves be either victims or perpetrators of such abuse.  If this is true, that “Dr.” David Robinson is a victim or perpetrator of child molestation, he should seek help.

Meanwhile, it appears that nobody else thinks he is funny, either.  Nor can he find a home for his “comedy”, which we don’t find surprising.

The Twitter account of “Dr.” David Robinson is apparently @standupfalldown.  We suggest you tweet to him that child molestation is not a joke.

Child molestation is no laughing matter.

Child molestation is no laughing matter.

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