It reads like an Autopsy of the American Economy.  Some of the statements are, perhaps, hyper inflated conspiracy theorist clap-trap.  It’s so scary if the bulk of it is true and the prognostications come to be then we are doomed.  We the Middle Class, perhaps even the Well-to-do.  Many of the details I cannot vouch for, but it does have a certain logic that I find morbidly true.  The really absolutely outrageous claims of preparations for a Police State and Detention Centers that are postulated as being deliberately and carefully orchestrated in the name of fighting terrorism, but in actuality to erode rights and allow Martial Law … are They really preparing for this eventuality?

But don’t let me color your thoughts on this doomsday editorial blog.  Read it yourself and make your own mind up.  My dangerous question is … what if it is true?  What the hell are we going to do to prevent this coming collapse?  What are we going to do to prepare for the collapse if it is already to late to prevent it?  Who the hell do we blame?  Where’s the rope?

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