Since its inception in 1945 people have watched the Doomsday clock as a sign for world turmoil. This symbolic clock is based on the premise that when the time reaches midnight the world is doomed.

The closest point that it has ever reached to midnight was 11:58, during the Cuban Missile crisis the keepers felt that we were on the very brink of nuclear war.

The clock is maintained by a group of atomic scientists, ‘Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’.

Based on the events occurring in Iran and Korea concerning their determination to join the nuclear club, they have advanced the hands of the clock to 11:55.

This is the fourth time since the end of the cold war that the hands have been advanced.

A spokesman stated that although the group primarily is concerned with the atomic threat, over time the group has also started to consider other factors, such as global warming.

More information about the Doomsday Clock can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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