Here is the kind of lapse in logic that drives me crazy (no pun intended). The AP today has a story headline that just makes me cringe: “SUV plunges into canal, killing 7 people inside.” Now here is the problem, HOW did an SUV go about killing these poor people? Did it unpark itself, drive across town, slam open its doors and gobble up some folks waiting at a bus stop and then drive them into a canal? Should we be wary of every SUV on the street for fear that it may kidnap us only to drive us off cliffs or into canals? Or is it more likely, AP, that a driver was responsible for killing the passengers INSIDE the SUV? Isn’t it a tad more likely that the SUV did not kill anyone, but that the actions of the human at its wheel was the culprit?

Here is the entire AP report as it appears on MSNBC:

SUV plunges into canal, killing 7 people inside

Four children, baby among dead in Central California; 2 passengers survive

KETTLEMAN CITY, Calif. – A sport utility vehicle ran off a Central California road and landed upside down in a canal, killing seven people inside, including four children and a baby, authorities said Sunday.

The SUV was going more than 55 mph Saturday night near Kettleman City, about 50 miles south of Fresno, when the driver, Sergia Olvera, 31, lost control, said Officer Joseph Miller of the California Highway Patrol.

The vehicle ran up a dirt embankment, rolled and landed upside down in the canal with 5 feet of water, Miller said.

“There were no child seats in the vehicle, and there was no evidence that any seat belts were used,” Miller said.

Survivor Dalia Olvera, 23, had moderate injuries, and 10-year-old Esmerelda Pompa was not injured, Miller said.

All of the victims were from Earlimart, about 50 miles from the site of the accident.

One wonders if the AP has a good hate on against SUVs with this sort of silly headline? But, whatever the case, it is an illogical way to write a story. However, it fits with their other often employed phraseology when talking about “gun violence,” doesn’t it? Where it seems that guns themselves are to blame for the killing instead of the hands holding it?

Anyway, it is just another example of the lapse in logic so often seen among the denizens of the MSM.

But, one thing I have to say. I will look askance at every SUV I pass from now on. I’d hate to be driven into a canal to my death!


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