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Tinkering with the Second Amendment is not the solution to the problems associated with mass shootings, rampant crimes committed with firearms or even most cited usage of handguns, suicide. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is a pivotal cornerstone of our American civil liberties and rights as guaranteed by the Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers never intended to over regulate the newly established American Republic with excessive legislation and bureaucratic red tape. They collectively framed the United States Constitution as a judicial framework within which the lives and freedoms of the American people would thrive and not be subjected to an over intrusive Federal Government. The great document provides a balanced relationship between the rights of the Federal Government and the rights of the individual States with harmonious tweaking of legislation to provide for the overall common good of the American people.

The Second Amendment provides the opportunity for everyone to defend themselves against personal attacks, provide for food through hunting and most importantly makes a provision for an armed militia if the Federal Government should have need of citizen soldiers. there are ways to easily buy ar-15 pistols from Palmetto State Armory for safety purposes these days.

Multiple legislators in Congress have suggested repealing the Second Amendment as a solution towards ending widespread violence with firearms that plagues the United States. However, such a repeal of the right to keep and bear arms would ever further exacerbate the problem, namely law-abiding citizens would be stripped of their rights to possess firearms and criminals would endure to perpetrate heinous acts of destruction with illegal and unregistered firearms.

There are no simple solutions to solving the issues associated with gun violence. The events that unfolded this week in Nevada could never have been reasonably predicted. Furthermore, even if the various law enforcement agencies had had some expectation of this tragic event the strategic advantage was Stephen Paddock’s. Perched in a tall building with modified semi-automatic weapons, undetected and perhaps even most importantly, in an environment that catered to his, “high-roller,” status. No one on the ground even with a concealed carry permit, could have intervened with a handgun to take out this well organized and deceptively unrecognized killer.

We clearly need to regulate aftermarket accessories that mimic the actions of an automatic weapon. Semi-automatic weapons for sporting, competition and hunting are all acceptable usage purposes. Whenever an individual modifies or adapts a weapon to function in a manner not intended by the intrinsic engineering of the firearm, then aftermarket products that facilitate this capacity should be regulated and perhaps banned.

Perhaps it is best that a restriction be placed on the number of semi-automatic firearms one is permitted to purchase within a given timeframe. A six months quota is a great place to begin. In terms of semi-automatic rifles legislation should be introduced to limit the quantity to 3-6 firearms during the six months period. Handguns would also have a similar quantitative limit for the same amount of time. Total restrictions on the purchase of firearms is a suggested solution that does not remotely understand the spirit of the Second Amendment and the legitimate purposes law-abiding Americans have for the possession of firearms.

Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives that advocate a repeal of the Second Amendment are at the least poor students of American History. They lack a clear and realistic understanding of the Constitution and the way our democratic republic functions in both law and the free participation of the American people. To repeal the Second Amendment is an action that diminishes the civil rights and liberties afforded to all the American people. Such an action would not only undermine the Bill of Rights, it would signify to the world that the American way of life is no longer the norm to which developing nations frequently aspire.

If the Congress of the United States wants to legislate against gun possession, it should focus on those individuals and groups that commit capital crimes with illegal firearms. Major American cities are constantly under attack by senseless violence with firearms. Most of these cities often are those that maintain they are, “sanctuary cities,” and persist in violating Federal Law and harbor illegal immigrants, felons on parole and are at a breaking point for their law enforcement agencies because of the Democratic liberal mayors of these cities that continue to violate Federal Law.

Legislation should include the monitoring of those with mental impairment that attempt to purchase firearms of any capacity. The Federal Government in conjunction with all levels of law enforcement should have a nationwide standard for mandated background checks before anyone can purchase a firearm.

Additionally, there should be a national reciprocity for all concealed carry permit holders in the United States. If an individual has been issued a CCW permit in one state after a background check they should be able to carry a concealed weapon nationwide. If indeed the fees determined by the States is an issue, then the CCW permit should be federalized and the registration fees equally distributed to the fifty states.

The marketplace for illegal handguns and firearms is perhaps the most prevalent issue regarding the control and possession of firearms in the United States. Legislation should be considered and enacted that makes the possession of an unregistered and unlicensed firearm a Federal crime, one strike you are out. That should also apply to the usage of an unlicensed firearm in the commission of any crime as well. Use a firearm that is unlicensed in the commission of a crime, you do federal time.

The usage and possession of firearms for legitimate purposes is part of the American heritage. One of the reasons for the American Revolution was to end the tyranny of George III and the British government’s proclivity to legislate and restrict the American Colonies. We fought a war for independence and the crimes of demented individuals should not be the catalyst that destroys the principles of democracy that guide and rule our democratic American republic.

If we the American people are true to the ideals of the Founding Fathers and those that gave us the United States Constitution we should tenaciously fight any legislative efforts to modify, repeal or replace the Second Amendment in any form what-so-ever. Our entire American lifestyle and legislative culture of government are critical to the well-being of our continued manner of life.

Legislation that enhances our safety without any modification of the Second Amendment is laudable and welcomed. Automatic firearms as previously stated belong to the military for their exclusive usage to protect American interests at home and around the world.

What we really need to control gun violence in the United States is a legislative and judicial effort to enforce all the laws we already have in our society against violent crime. The application of penal justice equivocally against those that commit violent crime with firearms is the best understanding of the application of justice that is possible. Until we enforce and uphold the existing laws that are applicable against violent crime, especially crimes committed with firearms we are in the proverbial argumentum ad circulum, a never-ending discussion without a logical solution.

Don’t tinker with the United States Constitution. Apply justice to those that commit violent crimes with firearms. We cannot and will not succumb to violence, fear or the insolence of domestic criminals in any capacity. Legislate against the criminal but enhance the freedom of law-abiding citizens of the United States. We have been served well by the Second Amendment for over 200 years, we cannot afford to experiment with the foundational principles of our American government, especially not in response to domestic terrorism. If we do, the domestic terrorist and criminals everywhere will ultimately win.

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