I have the digital footprint of Godzilla online. Any half wit can find a way to contact me. My name is Simon Barrett and I do not write plays, although the other Simon Barrett and I have discussed an interview, it might be fun, one day we shall do it.

I decided to find out how easy or how hard it might be to track someone down using the paid internet services, I had no plan in paying them, so merely played with the free part. The question was, could they find Simon Barrett in Mississippi? The results boggled my mind. I started off with a Google search “Find people”.

I selected the first option People Finders, plugged in Simon Barrett and the state Mississippi, the answer was, there are lots of Simon Barretts, but none lived in MS. One wonders why they even ask the user to enter the state as it seems to be completely ignored in the search.

People finders
Second on the list was Intelius. I plugged in the same information Simon Barrett, Mississippi. They found 26 Simon Barretts, but none in Mississippi.

Next on the list was Whitepages.com, yup, you guessed it I do not exist.
But I do not give up easily. I went to Beenverified. This site permits you to scope out people that you might date or employ.

beenverifiedNot only could not find me, they seem to think that my name is Simon Parrot. Yup, this article is all true.

Hell they all had TV ads so they must be good? Guess what? No Simon Barretts in Mississippi. Now as it happens I am not trying to find myself, I know exactly where I am at. I have not changed address in over 6 years. It begs the question, why would anyone pay for these ‘services’ ? Anyone with an IQ that exceeds their hat size can find me, so how have I managed to stay under the radar of these fine services for 6 years?

As the old saying goes.. measure twice before you cut. A simple translation, research before you pay one of these Websites.

Simon Barrett

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