Ok the TV ad says New York rather than Picayune, but the message is clear, if you plan on taking a vacation, Tripadvisor is the way to go. This site offers one stop shopping, flights, hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

As with all of these glorified Yellow Page sites the bulk of the information is scraped from other sources, no human intervention is required. This makes me sad, if you don’t have good information, don’t serve it up to customers. Of course the chances of anyone wanting to spend their vacation in Picayune is pretty darn slim, but I think it is important to set the record straight.

My wife and I went out to discover the joys of Picayune.

First stop was the Crosby Arboretum. It seemed like a cheap date, $5 per person to look at trees. The problem is, well trees are quite common around this part of the world. We moved on.

As far as flights are concerned, Picayune has a nice airport as long as you are not trying to land a 747, the runway might be a little on the short side.

pic airport sign1

No-one seemed to give a darn that we were stopping and taking pictures.

pic aircraft

I rather liked the seaplane.

pic seaplane

And the choppers

pic choppers

pic chopper22

We watched a couple of planes, I am guessing students honing their skills, both were splendid. One did a touch and go, the other landed and seemed to be ready for another flight. The Windsock was showing a slight cross wind, but other than a little wobble, the pilots nailed it.

I was not ready to end the adventure, we left Picayune Municipal Airport and took a left rather than a right turn.

A mile away was the best tree I have seen in many years. I was actually looking for a couple of ponds, but, you could not see them because of the undergrowth. We turned into a disused area, a sand pit that had long been forgotten, spin the car around and head home.

Sand mine

You have to admit, this is hardly a vacation spot. But then I saw it. A tree like few others, a victim of the sand mining operation.

pic tree


It was dead, yet it gave life. Other plants were calling it home. This was like a Hollywood movie prop.

So there you have it, Tripadvisor knew nothing about Picayune.

Simon Barrett




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