Inhofe says global warming media hearing exposed alarmist media

So, chalk me up as an agnostic on the subject of global warming… that, and I am just stubbornly digging in my heels and refusing to go along with the crowd when it comes to conventional wisdom. I am, after all, quite old enough to remember that in the 70s the media-hyped “panic du jour” was overpopulation, and then it was global cooling, followed briskly by satanic abuse of children in day-care centers, Alar on applies, Y2K, and brown paper packages tied up in string….ooops, got sidetracked there. It would make a funny satiric song, though: “These are a few of my panicky things”?, It’s another one of those stories that makes everyone go “Omigod we’re gonna die!” Or gain fifty pounds. Or have to eat Soylent Green, never realizing of course, that the true reason for the panic du jour is to sell newspapers, attract eyeballs, and provide employment for the ostensibly qualified to study the matter at length.

Yes, we are in a warming trend, as near as we can deduce. But whether it is a long-term trend, or a short-term one is still a matter for debate and study. There have been warming trends before: in the late Middle Ages, for one— when Greenland was warm enough for subsistence farming, and during the Roman Empire, when it was warm enough in England for viticulture. What caused them? What is causing this one, and can or should we do anything about it? It’s science, which means the concept is still open for discussion, not a matter of gospel, which you must accept or be condemned as an apostate. What are the odds that the conventional wisdom will have moved on to another cause for panic by the next decade?

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