New York based publisher History Publishing Company has just released a new book Don’t Hang My Friend. In a change from their normal modus operandi they are releasing it initially on Kindle with paper versions to follow.




Here is the synopsis:

A young teenage boy living in southern Illinois during the post-Civil War era encounters Ku Klux Klan hostility. The Klan threatens to hang his friend a former slave for an involvement in the killing of a rabid dog owned by a Klan member. The young man rouses the townspeople to intervene. The young man also encounters a girl for whom he develops feelings and together his rise to protect his friend gives him foresight into his future .which demands a redirection of the path he was going to take. The girl also returns feeling but does not show them until the end when the young man goes off to meet his future.

This certainly sounds like an interesting read. At just under 200 pages it is not seem a daunting task. I plan on taking it out for a spin as the story line is so interesting. The KKK has always been at the center of controversy. You can get your copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

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