Washington-On Saturday Federal health authorities warned consumers to avoid eating cakes,cookies,ice cream, and other foods containing peanut butter.  They are advising people to abstain from eating those types of foods until authorities can learn more about the deadly outbreak of salmonella.  Stephen Sundlof is the head of the FDA’s food and safety center said “We urge consumers to postpone eating any products that may contain peanut butter until additional information becomes available.”

Sundlof said that most peanut butter sold in jars at local stores seem to be safe.  Sundlof also said “As of now, there is no indication that the major national name brand jars of peanut butter sold in retail stores are linked to the recall.”   They are focusing on peanut paste and peanut butter.  The tainted food was made at a facility in Blakely,GA.  It’s product is not sold directly to the public, but it is made and distributed to institutions and other food companies.  The peanut paste  which is made from roasted peanuts is a ingredient in many types of products sold in grocery stores. 

Dr. Robert Tauxe works for the CDC,  oversees investigations regarding food born illnesses.  He said that “This is an excellent illustration of an ingredient driven outbreak.  There are more than 470 people who have fallen ill in 43 US states.  So far around 90 have been hospitalized.  There are 6 deaths from this outbreak.  Salmonella is a nasty little bacteria it is the most common form of food poisoning in the US, its symptoms include loose stool, cramping and fever.  New illnesses are still being reported in the investigation.

Kellogg Co. is one on the list of companies that has recalled products with 16 total from Kellogg, also Keebler, Austin, Famous Amos.  Any consumers who have purchased those brands of foods are seriously urged to throw them out.  Peanut Corp.  has recalled peanut butter made back in August, and peanut paste from September.  Recent tests have found salmonella despite the plant passing it’s last state inspections.  I can only hope they have brought enough attention to this to prevent people from purchasing and consuming this peanut butter.  Makes me want to go throw all of it out of my house.  Schools are discontinuing the use of peanut butter and products with the peanut paste in it. 

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