Donald J. Trump was the recipient of a nationally televised political execution during last evenings White House correspondents’ Gala, While I have on occasion expressed respectful criticism of President Obama’s policies in print, the “Donald” discovered that if you simply make it up as you go along, unintended consequences can occur. It might not be too far a stretch to speculate last evening marks the hour in which Donald Trump’s political aspirations suffered a catastrophic meltdown, A Dorthy pouring water on the witch moment if you will.
Smiling as he did it, Barack Hussein Obama opened up the proverbial can of industrial strength whup ass and proceeded to empty the entire contents, while the assembled gathering, liberal and conservative alike howled in gut clenching laughter, yes in the span of an hour the TRUMP brand was transformed into a national joke and I speculate along the way a President with an assist from comedian Seth Meyers managed to craft a new definition of what it means to be viewed by society as no better than racist white trash.
To question the President’s political policies if you disagree is not only a right it’s a responsibility if you wish to participate in democracy, but Donald Trump wandered off the reservation several weeks ago when he decided that the route to the oval office could be taken through the sewers of race baiting and hate mongering. Till last night some in the media argued Donald was simply being Donald and had no intention of actually running for President it was simply pimping for his reality show the celebrity apprentice.
Today several sources at NBC/Comcast report the Donald has become such an embarrassment to the network profitable or not his show will not be renewed for another season, to those who say NBC will never toss a product that earns revenue, I would point out a fellow named Sheen who also claims to be a Birther said the same about his program which was a cash cow for his network.
There was a time when white trash was mostly defined by generational poverty, today many a decent God fearing dawn till dusk working folk of all color and ethnic stripe live in trailer parks or homes in need of a coat of paint. White trash is what a fellow named King might have called utterly lacking any content in ones character regardless of skin color.
The Donald didn’t miss a beat when the birth certificate was offered, he began to questioned how it is blacks like Obama get into Harvard when so many rich white children with “tremendous grades” are turned away, Well Donald if you bothered to explore the truth, the President got into Harvard cause he was an above average student with above average SAT scores, but then why bother posing the question at this point, after last night few people will be paying all that much attention to Trump the possible candidate for President, well at least not the kind of unchallenged attention Trump is use to from the media.

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