Whether or not it’s a publicity stunt by one or both, the Donald Trump vs. Rosie fight is ridiculous.

Rosie is right to question Trump’s sincerity in forgiving his beauty queen for partying, drinking, and taking drugs. She went to far with personal attacks on Donald for nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Donald’s response, however, has been equally low. He reminds us he’s a graduate of Wharton College, and that Rosie is a “failure in everything she does.” Ok, Mr. Wharton, if you’re so educated and high, why engage in a grade school argument with someone so beneath you?

“I’m suing you” is a common phrase slung by second graders who claim to have a father or uncle who’s a judge or lawyer. Other attacks made by trump include “I’m gonna steal your girlfriend,” or at least send someone to steal her, “she’s a loser,” “she’s ugly,” and other great oratory he apparantly learned at Wharton.

Donald’s constant claims of being above this fight, of being educated, of having so much money and success that things like this are beneath him smacks of hypocrasy when he continues to engage, barb for barb, with Rosie. He must not be so above this, since he’s saying the same types of things uttered by Rosie.

Rosie is wrong, as she usually is wrong. Trump’s opinion of her is in sync with mine. But by engaging in this fight he’s rolling around in poop. Guess what he’ll smell like when he emerges.

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