Once again the secular press is having a proverbial field day with Donald Trump’s comments that are rather unflattering to Pope Francis and his pastoral activities in Mexico. It is seemingly not unusual for politicians to deride the Catholic Church’s activities and it’s mission. However, when anyone makes comments about Papa Francis, well that is when the globes come off! Donald Trump has no business making any type of commentary on the reasons Pope Francis was visiting Mexico. To insinuate that the leader of the Catholic Church needs to ingratiate himself to the political carnival act that the Trump campaign is developing into is egotistic insanity on Trump’s part.

The Holy Father’s remarks regarding the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party was in response to questions dealing with the Pope’s understanding of the candidates currently cajoling for place in the upcoming primaries. As the Chief Shepard of the Universal Church, Pope Francis has the moral, ethical and spiritual obligation to guide Catholics in their decisions when choosing a candidate for the White House in November. Pope Francis’ remarks are as follows;

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said when a reporter asked him about Mr. Trump on the papal airliner as he returned to Rome after his six-day visit to Mexico.

BRAVO for Pope Francis in cutting to the quick of the issues and not shying away from the responsibilities of his papal office, nor his role as a pastor to American Catholics.

Frankly, Pope Francis’ statement should indeed inspire all American Catholic to sort through the political rhetoric and the theatrical commentaries offered by Donald Trump as the platform for his political aspirations.

The United States is in desperate  need for a new wave of political and social honesty to permeate the American electoral process. Catholics comprise 23.9 % (72 million people ) as reflected in a 2008 Pew report. Mr. Trump NEEDS to NOT alienate Catholics. Pope Francis in his brief remarks regarding the disposition of Mr. Trump’s observation of Christianity is actually presenting a theologically astute and geo-politically correct appraisal of Donald Trump and his continued inflammatory and distinctly anti-Hispanic sentiments that are quite bluntly racist and discriminatory.

Pope Francis’ more informed global perspective on Mr. Trump’s vision for providing solutions to the existing problems that are afflicting the United States concerning immigration are not unique to this country. As the leader of a global Catholic Church, which as of 2013 is approximately 1.254 billion people (According to the Census of the 2015 Annuario Pontificio (Pontifical Yearbook), the number of Catholics in the world,) the Pope’s assessment of Donald Trump’s status as a Christian is an astute observation on Francis’ part.

The Catholic Church is in the business of building bridges, not tearing them down. Donald Trump’s assessment of Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to Mexico, with his insulting and derogatory observations regarding the leader of the world’s 1.254 Billion Catholics is not an effectual methodology to demonstrate one’s Christianity nor one’s ability to diplomatically and effectively serve as the President of the United States. Pope Francis’ message is consistently clear: the poor and underprivileged peoples of the world need to be assisted with love and mercy. Mr. Trump is the polar opposite in his overview of the needs of American society and our international relationships around the world.

Pope Francis’ message somewhat blunt, however honest is a shot across the bow that American Catholics, with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops need to heed. The Gospel message proclaimed by Pope Francis and his calls for equality and justice for all peoples is not just intended for the United States, but the collective group of global leaders that consistently diminish the human rights of all peoples, not just those on the borders of the United States. 

Pope Francis’ ministry is larger than the needs of the political infrastructure of American politics. As global leader of the world’s Catholics, Pope Francis is a global player on the diplomatic and socio-economic sage. Despite, Donald Trump’s financial strategies and presumed political expertise he does not compare to Pope Francis’  art of the deal. 

A bellicose verbal assault on the integrity of Pope Francis’ brand of global diplomacy and religious fervor extracts one thing for Donald Trump, publicity. Using the Pope as the vehicle for free publicity indicates precisely why ALL Catholics should with moral and ethical convictions that are reflective of the Catholic faith need to deposit their votes for a candidate other than Donald Trump.  With Donald Trump’s pejorative opinion of Pope Francis in plain view, no Catholic should in good conscience follow the Trump wagon. His style of feigned Christian values and promises to restore America to greatness reflect a solipsistic attitude that is contrary to Catholic values and the truth of the Gospel message.

Offending the Pope unequivocally communicates the Christian values maintained by Donald Trump!

Americans, especially Catholics don’t need such an individual that persists in maintaining such a vision of Christianity. 

Donald…don’t mess with Papa Francesco!

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