Germans appear to have a real problem with Heidi Klum. And not just the women, either. As attested to in an article concerning her visit to a German talk show (excuse me, Talkshow) last night, not only is she a “fearsome and cold clone” comprised of something called “German discipline and the American will for advancement” (igitt! as in yuk!) and disgustingly successful in practically everything she does, the 34-year-old glamour “girl” was also just elected Top Model (that’s Topmodel over here) with the Most Sex Appeal (you guessed it, that’s Sexappeal in German). And to add insult to injury, this mega-model mother of all models is the mother of three children, as well. And I’m not even going to mention that compassionate Britney Spears number she just pulled off the other day. Oops, too late.

Now I can think of a lot of words for Heidi Klum, but “fearsome” and “cold” are definitely not two of them. I think I know what her real problem is: She likes herself despite all of her flaws. Uh, or lack of them, I should say. She’s childishly upbeat, relaxed and totally can-do. She’s way too American, in other words. How could the Germans like her? But you go girl, anyway. Run with it, Heidi baby.

I know what German television viewers really want when it comes to successful super model Americans like Heidi Klum: Unsuccessful ones like Bruce. And more drama, baby. Lots more drama.

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