The headlines in the newspapers, TV news and cable talk shows, are all too often about incidents of domestic violence or sexual abuse of children that  end in murder.  How can these tragedies be averted? Are there warning signs that might prevent injury or death if detected? What should we do if we uncover information indicating that a person may be a child sexual predator or a domestic abuser?

We’ll discuss these issues this Wednesday night at 9 pm Eastern on the Juror Thirteen show on Blog Talk Radio ( My guests will be Robin Sax and Susan Murphy-Milano.

Robin is a 15-year Los Angeles County prosecutor specializing in prosecuting sex crimes against children. Her newly released book is Predators and Child Molesters. In it Robin answers the 100 most asked questions by parents about how they can protect their children.

Susan is an advocate for victims of domestic violence. Because of her own personal experience she is especially interested in incidents in which the abuser is a police officer. Robin and Susan are co-hosts on the popular BTR show Justice Interrupted. 

You’ll be able to ask questions or make comments by calling in or through the show’s chat room.   

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