IT consulting firm and solution provider, Advans, has said that their survey underscores the widening of popularity of domestic outsourcing. The Advan’s IT Outsourcing Survey revealed that 75 percent of managers opted for domestic outsourcing rather than offshoring to top outsourcing locations like India.

Moreover, the 37 percent of the executives polled said they were interested in additional outsourcing of some IT projects in the next year. The top two categories listed for outsourcing were database administration and QA activities.

VP of Service Delivery, Advans IT Services, Paul Angelo said in a statement, “We were interested in learning more about executives’ opinions regarding outsourcing. The results showed that the majority of executives are considering outsourcing strategies that are closer to home.” Adding, “These results will help us refine our services so we can continue to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of IT executives,” reports

Among the types of outsourcing utilized in the past by the surveyed executives were application development, IT infrastructure support along with domestic consultants.

Some of the other major findings of the survey included the following: Surveyed executives were interested in using Managed Services in support of IT functional categories. Future outsourcing opportunities they were interested in included Operation/Monitoring Functions, Help Desk, Human Resources, and Business Intelligence. Additionally, the managers who used outsourcing in the past stated that they had a favorable experience.

Advans is a firm that can configure the optimal outsourcing model by making use of any combination of onsite, offshore, and remote domestic resources to meet demand specifications. CEO & President of Advans, Peo Nathan, was quoted as saying in a press release, “We strongly believe that this approach ensures not only the highest quality service while saving you money, but allows for enhanced communication to bring you greater control over your environment.” The company’s hybrid outsourcing model provides a mix of all team members, despite location, or cost-effectiveness.

Advans is a IT Consulting firm and a Solution Provider with services for every aspect of IT infrastructures – Business Intelligence and Data warehousing, Managed Services, Program and Project Management, Validation Services, Business Continuity, Compliance, Strategic IT Staffing, Disaster Recovery, and Offshore and Domestic Outsourcing.

Jacob Cherian writes for SourcingLine, a leading provider of directories on top seo companies and mobile application developers.

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