Dogs O' War Collection

Music Video Distributors has just released the fantastic Dogs O’ War collection, a ten-pack of some of the most memorable WWII films, many of which have never been released on DVD before.  The collection has films from 1967 to 1987, including “The War Boy” the Eastman film that deals with the struggle of a young boy trying to survive in Hitler’s Germany.

Each film boasts all-star casts, great action, and the set is sure to be a treat for anyone who is interested in this genre.

I’ll give you a brief synopsis of the films to give you an idea of the broad scope of movies you get in this terrific package:

Dirty Heroes (1969) – The Americans take on the remnant of Germany’s army in the Battle of Ardennes.

Desert Commando (1967) – Witness a plot to assassinate Allied Leaders through the eyes of Germans.

Bridge to Hell (1986) – Three Nazi camp escapees, all from different countries, unite to attempt to make their way to the American front in Yugoslavia and on to freedom.

 War Devils (1969) – A German leader releases American prisoners but vows to kill them if they ever meet again – a year later the action unfolds.

Heroes without Glory (1971) – A Brit & American team up to train a group of soldiers for a dangerous commando mission.

Operation:  Cross Eagles (1969) – Americans battling their way through Yugoslavia to rescue an officer.

Hell Commandoes (1969) – American soldiers disguised as Germans go behind enemy lines.

Eagles over London (1970) – British High Commander realizes that his ranks have been infiltrated by German Intelligence on the eve of the Battle of Britain.

Mediterranean in Fames (1972) – Greeks risk their lives to free themselves from Nazis.

As you can see there is a lot to watch, and even if one of the movies doesn’t hit your fancy one or two of the other nine will.  Great concept, especially to get for the people I know who’ve “seen them all”.

To order this great collection log onto and click on Visual.

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