Yup, it’s dog mine time again. Oh boy, oh boy. But there may yet be hope: City officials are taking a look at a pilot project (pet project?) in San Francisco in which dog crap gets turned into “biofuel”.

The idea is that if you run Fido’s stuff through something called a “methane digester” (I would have called it a “methane disguster”), it gets broken down to methane and you can power anything that runs on natural gas with it. I’m a little worried about the safety guidelines for these newfangled power plants, though. I do not want to know what one of those meltdowns would smell like.

But then on the other hand I already know what these regular meltdowns smell like. And there’s no way that it could smell much worse. Which brings us to our next technical problem: Who the hell is going to harvest this precious natural resource? It sure won’t be any of the folks who live in my neighbourhood.

We all know what’s going to happen next. Remember that regularly recurring suggestion about forcing the long term unemployed here to harvest asparagus – and they won’t? Well, how much do you want to bet that there will be a much better response next year?

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