Dog’s son, PUNK, sold the tapes that have caused the media circus to the National Enquirer for “a lot of money” say the Bounty Hunter’s lawyer.

A top civil right leader has said it’s time for Dog to go: “Get Dog OFF TV!”

Bad Dog.

It looked like Duane Chapman was rallying. Now more trouble for the Dog. It was revealed just hours ago that the Bounty Hunter was sold out by his son PUNK. The tapes which have caused all the uproar were sold by his son PUNK to the National Enquirer for a “large amount of money.

Now a civil rights leader is saying: Get the Dog OFF television.
From the National Enquirer:

This is awful. This man should not have a show on television!”

Tamika Mallory — who heads the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s Decency Initiative — lashed out at Duane “Dog” Chapman after hearing a tape of the bounty hunter’s racist rants.

“I think the A&E network should uphold their standards, which should be that people are not allowed to use demeaning language toward another racial group and marginalize them.”

Maybe just the first in a series of calls for the Dog’s permanent TV banishment? Or will the Bounty Hunter make a comeback?


Dog Gets Punk’ed!
Dog’s son, Punk put him in the doghouse.

Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter’s, son, Punk, sold the old man out for 30 pieces of silver.

Television bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman’s son taped a private phone conversation in which the reality star used a racial slur repeatedly, then sold it to a tabloid for “a lot of money,” Chapman’s lawyer said Thursday.

“I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner,” attorney Brook Hart told The Associated Press.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE 


Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE 

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