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What Would Dog Do?

Two bounty-hunting stories for Dog fans.

One, about what Dog did; the other, about what Dog might do.

Back in June, the 20th of June to be exact, of 2003, the headlines were about Duane “Dog” Chapman. But they were headlines of a different sort. The headlines of an American who had been jailed for doing a “good deed” in most people’s eyes.

Dog became a household word in the Andrew Luster case. For those whose memories are fuzzy, here’s what was written back then.

Anthony Harwood’s Heir’s Hunter Arrested in the Mirror.
HE is a father of 12, a devout Christian – and America’s most famous bounty hunter.

But now Duane “Dog” Chapman and two of his sons are languishing in a Mexican jail while his long-suffering wife Beth tries to raise bail money.

The man who has caught 6,000 fugitives was arrested as he added convicted rapist Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune, to his list.

FBI agents are arranging extradition for Luster. But the Chapmans could face charges – Mexican law says bounty hunting is kidnapping.

At home in Honolulu, Beth told the Mirror: “I think it’s disgraceful for what he did, the deed he did for the US government.

“The Feds are just going to let him rot. Duane talked to them every day during the hunt. Now they say they can’t have anything to do with him.”

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Two Bounty Hunter Stories, What Would Dog Do?


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Two Bounty Hunter Stories, What Would Dog Do?

Heir’s Hunter Arrested

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