Fans Will Rally in Show of Support for Duane “Dog” Chapman

A & E Studio Building Site of Rally

Organizers Call to Fans for Show of Support

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans will rally outside the A&E studios building in New York City this Thursday in a show of support for their favorite TV show and personality, Duane “Dog” Chapman.

Organizers are expecting a good turnout of fans in what they bill as a “Peace, rather than a protest type of rally”.

A spokesman for one of the organizing groups, Dog’s Angels,”We’ve gotten feedback from people in the NYC area. We have some groups showing up, as well as organized fans, but we still are looking for people to show up and support Dog and his family.”

We received the following release from Dog’s Angels just a bit ago.
Here is the story of Duane “Dog” Chapman, The Greatest Bounty Hunter in The World.

Mr. Chapman and his family, starred in a reality show on A&E Network’s known as Dog The Bounty Hunter–hereafter referred to as DTBH.

He gained fame when he captured the Monster-Predator, one, Andrew Luster, thus propelling him into the limelight of instant Stardom.

This past summer, his book, “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” debuted the New York Times Best Sellers List at #1! Unexpected thousands upon thousands jammed his book signings, only to be turned away, not because Mr. Chapman could sign no more, but because there were no more books left to be sold!

His show was an enormous success,combining the rough and tumble world of bounty hunting, with the home life of The Chapman Family, and bringing to the fore, their deep faith in God, and their unselfish Christian Spirit.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Rally Set for NYC Thursday 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Rally Set for NYC Thursday

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