The Show’s formerly Big Ratings for A&E Network didn’t Hurt, Either

A&E Network’s Reality Show, Dog the Bounty Hunter to resume Production 

Announcement Marks the Latest Step on a Journey of Redemption  

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Dog the Bounty Hunter fans can now start their celebrations.

It’s now official: Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming back to the A & E TV line-up.

An A&E spokesman confirmed yesterday the resumption of the show’s production immediately, though no date yet has been set for the show’s new premiere.

KHNL TV in Honolulu stated that Beth Chapman confirmed to KHNL Tuesday morning that the show would resume production immediately.

Persistence and a showing of public remorse, along with a charity outreach to black groups, made a difference.

So did the actions of thousands of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fans.

And the show’s formerly big ratings on A&E Network didn’t hurt, either.

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The public acts of remorse and contrition are over and a new journey that starts for the star of any TV show looms: to lure back enough former viewers to keep the show at the top of A&E’s ratings line-up.

The announcement marked the latest step on a 3+ month journey of redemption and contrition for Duane “Dog” Chapman. Since the furor broke with the National Enquirer’s publishing of the audio tapes of Chapman’s heated exchange with son, Tucker, over his girlfriend during a private cell-phone conversation.

What is the buzz on the web the last 24 hours? Some background since November 1, 2007.
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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Persistence, Contrition Pay off for TV Bounty Hunter 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Persistence, Contrition Pay off for TV Bounty Hunter

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