Dog the Bounty Hunter Updates: November 08 2007

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Video Discussion on Dog’s and Tucker’s Possible Troubles
The dog went one-on-one with Larry King on LIVE last night. Did he make a case for himself? Was the public convinced that Dog the Bounty Hunter should return to the air?

If the response at Death by 1000 Papercuts is any indication, opinion for the Dog’s return is running about 90% in favor of the Bounty Hunter’s show to start back up.

Tonight’s Larry King LIVE features Dr. Phil analyzing Dog the Bounty Hunter. Bizarre or merely opportunistic? You can be the judge.

Last night’s Dog and Larry show from Larry King LIVE:
LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, “Dog” the bounty hunter drops the “N” bomb in a private phone call…

DUANE “DOG” CHAPMAN, THE BOUNTY HUNTER: I’m not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for for 30 years because some (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) heard us say (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) and turned us in to the ‘Enquirer’ magazine.


KING: And his public world explodes. His hit reality TV show is off the air, his reputation seriously damaged. The humiliating fallout from his racial slur, recorded and sold by his own son.

Duane “Dog” Chapman responds live — uncut, uncensored, unreal.

It’s all next on LARRY KING LIVE.

We are in Los Angeles with Duane “Dog” Chapman.

How are you — how are you handling all of this?

D. CHAPMAN: I’m still alive.

KING: Other than that?

D. CHAPMAN: Not very — not very good. I’ve been here several times sitting in front of you. Tonight, it felt like I was coming to the electric chair.

KING: Really?

D. CHAPMAN: I’m sorry — to tell you personally, first of all, I’m very sorry. I know you had, also, a lot of faith in me. I’m very sorry for using that word. Please don’t think any less of me. And I’m going to fix it.

KING: All right, let’s discuss it.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE: November 8 2007


Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE: November 8 2007

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Larry King LIVE video

Larry King LIVE

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