DOG the Bounty Hunter UPDATE 08:20 11-07-07

How much $$$ Did Tucker Receive?

VIDEO: Interview on Hannity & Colmes Part 2 


Partial H & C transcript, Girlfriend rejects Dog’s Apology, Larry King Live tonight, In-depth report on Judge’s favorable ruling yesterday.

Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE: 11-07-07

The only good news that’s been reported in the last week for Duane “Dog” Champman has been the news that the last attempt to jail him for his Mexican adventure that brought him to fame is over,

This was reported yesterday, but a more in-depth report is now presented. More from aol:
Television bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, who had his reality show taken off the air after getting caught using a racial slur, will not be extradited to Mexico to face a pending appeal of kidnapping charges against him, a judge ruled Monday.

The U.S. government had been trying to send Chapman, his son Leland Chapman and a third man to the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, where they were charged with kidnapping Andrew Luster, a Max Factor heir who had jumped a $1 million bond on charges that he drugged and raped three women.

Luster’s disappearance during his trial in California set off an international manhunt by police, FBI and bounty hunters trying to recoup some of the bond money. In June 2003, Chapman and the others apprehended Luster, and the fugitive was taken back to the United States to serve the 124-year sentence he was given while on the lam.

But because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, prosecutors in that country charged the three with kidnapping and asked U.S. authorities to arrest the trio and ship them to Puerto Vallarta.

VIDEO: Dog Interview on Hannity & Colmes Part 2:
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Tucker’s Girlfriend Rejects Apology:
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