Tucker’s Girlfriend Has Message on Social Site MySpace

Shinnery Still Threatens to Sue

Dog Drops Out of Sight
Tucker Chapman’s girlfriend has a message for angry fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter: I’m not listening to you.

Monique Shinnery’s MySpace page features the quotes “Hate All You Want But You Can’t Break The Girl Who Thinks Nothing Of You.”

The quote apparently is a response to the reaction she’s received after threatening to sue the show’s star.

It appeared on her page on the popular Internet social site, MySpace.

Shinnery, keeps talking about her plans to sue the show’s star, Duane “Dog” Chapman, for remarks he made during a private cellphone converstion.

Those remarks were most likely illegally taped and sold to the National Enquirer, which released them a little over two weeks ago.

The tapes, which featured the Bounty where can i buy generic propecia Hunter’s use of the N-word, caused a furor and led to the cancellation of his popular show on Arts and Entertainment Network.

Shinnery continues to talk about suing the Bounty Hunter, as she did last week.

Otherwise, the Dog is out of sight. After a fast and furious week at damage control last week, all seems quiet on the Dog the Bounty Hunter front. Larry King Live and Hannity and Colmes were the two main avenues used to reach out to the public for Dog “Duane” Chapman.

Now, for the last several days, Dog has disappeared from the public’s eye.
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Shinnery Has MySpace Message for Dog’s Fans


Shinnery Has MySpace Message for Dog’s Fans

Monique Shinnery’s MySpace page

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