Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE: Sunday 11-11-07

Fan Reaction Still Strongly in Dog’s Favor


A Fan Tribute to Dog

A Fan’s Response to Dog’s Hannity & Colmes Interview

Two fan videos of Dog the Bounty Hunter. The first is a video tribute to the Dog and members of his family. The second is a fan’s response to the Hannity & Colmes interview that was done earlier this week.

Which one comes closer to your idea of how you feel about the whole Dog the Bounty Hunter controversy?

Let us know in your comments at the end of the story.

So far, support for Duane “Dog” Chapman has been running nearly 90% in favor of the Dog. Check out the links at the end of this if you’d like to go register your support or disapproval on several on-line petitions.

Editorial Reaction Round-up
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Beg pardon, but who died and made Al Sharpton president of the Negroes?

Not that Sharpton has ever declared himself as such. But the fact that some regard him as black America’s chief executive was driven home for the umpteenth time a few days ago after TV reality show bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman got in trouble for using a certain toxic racial epithet – six letters, starts with “n,” rhymes with digger – on the phone with his son.

As you may have heard, Chapman was expressing disapproval of the son’s black girlfriend.

Read rest of story, see videos:

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Two Fan Reaction Videos


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Two Fan Reaction Videos

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