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UPDATE: November 11 2007 SUNDAY

Editorial Round-up

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Duane Chapman has kept out of the limelight for the last several days. He seems to have done what most people do in times of stress and trouble–hunker down in safe surroundings and try to weather the storm.

Around the country, the reaction was of several varieties. Editorially, it was running against the Bounty Hunter: no amount of his apologies can right the wrong.
Editors are busy people.

A casual reading of these makes one suspect that some of the editors doing the writing might have been too busy to listen to the tapes–outside of the famous 10-15 second soundbites that every media outlet has played over the last 10 days.

The editors appear to be of the mind that Duane Champman–a man with a rough background and an ex-con–should never have been thinking, let alone saying, what he did.

It might be an interesting experiment: one of the writers below has a private cellphone conversation taped unawares, sold to the National Enquirer, edited down to the most inflammatory bits and played on national media.

Interesting to hear the reaction then.

The fan reaction was, understandably, running heavily in Dog’s favor–most Internet polls are still racking up 80-90% in Chapman’s favor. A ‘live and let live’ attitude seems to be the norm.

A random round-up of Dog the Bounty Hunter opinions is presented below.

Scott Beasley [11-08-07] at Clarksville Online:

Anyone who has listened to the sickening rant of this so called “celebrity” should be infuriated. His repetitive use of the “N” word and obvious disapproval with interracial relationships was exemplified in a recorded phone call.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Editorial Round-up


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Editorial Round-up

Clarksville Online

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