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“My name is Duane Dog Chapman. I’ve lived a hell of a life. I’ve been a biker, I’ve been a convict, I’ve been a husband, father, and son.”

All was fairly quiet on the Dog the Bounty Hunter front last night. No statements, no threats of lawsuits–just the sound of fans scrambling to find internet petitions to sign to perhaps try and make their voices heard to TV executives to return the Dog to the air.

Support in favor  of the  Bounty Hunter is running 85-90% in favor of the Dog on most petitions seen on the Internet.

In the spirit of “No news is good news” at this point, we thought we’d look around for some facts about Duane “Dog” Chapman to pass along.

After reading these, you may agree that the Bounty Hunter has lived an interesting life.

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s show was suspended after a racial slur on November 1, 2007. The tape of the slur was released by a national tabloid.

Duane, known for being a very religious man, was given the nickname Dog by Tom, a fellow Disciple member, because its God spelled backwards.

While Dog was imprisoned at the Texas State Penitentiary for his murder conviction, his prisoner number was 271097. He also served as the warden’s barber.

Favorite television shows as a child were: The Lone Ranger, Sky King, and The Green Hornet.

One of Dog’s children, Zebediah, died only 30 days after birth. The boy was premature.

Read rest of story, sign a petition:

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog Trivia 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Dog Trivia

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