Dog the Bounty Hunter UPDATE:

‘Dog’ Did Not Want To Disrupt Paraded, Officials Say

From KNBC:

Duane “Dog” Chapman, the flamboyant, born-again bounty hunter in trouble recently for his use of the n-word, has been nixed from the lineup in El Cajon’s Nov. 19 Mother Goose Parade.

“It was mutually agreed between Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and the Mother Goose Parade Association that Dog would not participate in the parade this year. Dog did not want to cause any disturbances with the parade,” according to a statement from the city.

Probably not a bad move. Though fan reaction has generally been running in Dog’s favor, they’d be those on both sides of the issue that might turn what is primarily a children’s event into a forum to express their views.

And those views probably don’t have much to do with Mother Goose–even if Old Mother Hubbard gave her old dog a bone.

Fan reaction continues to run heavily in the Dog’s favor, with online petitions springing up on various Internet sites. Whether the Dog the Bounty Hunter returns to the air and where largely seems to depend upon public reaction at this point.

We’ve located one such petition online. To sign this online petition

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Dog Nixed from Parade


Dog Nixed from Parade


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