After a Day Spent On the Phone, This is What Was Learned

From the Highly-Believable to Total Rumors 

Rating the News We Got 

There has been no news on the Dog the Bounty Hunter. All the news lately has been of the different efforts of the Dog’s fans in their quest to get the Dog the Bounty Hunter show back on the airwaves.

So, we scoured and called and wrote. What we came up with was rumblings and rumors.

But, several of the rumors we heard, we heard in more than one place–from more than one source. So we thought that we’d present some of the things we heard and let the readers decide what they thought.

Maybe some of you have heard the same thing, or have information that we don’t have.

Here’s some of what we heard after a day of Dog info hunting and what we think about it. We know the readers won’t be shy about what they think.

[Truth-O-Meter Ratings: 0 (it’s probably a lie) to 10 (bet the ranch)]

* The Dog has been laying low.
Not much of a rumor here. It’s a fact. Duane “Dog” Chapman has been out of the spotlight for several weeks now.

This is not very surprising, either. In Dog’s case, “No News is Good News” right now.
[Truth-O-Meter Rating: 10.0]

*  The Dog will be back in the public eye soon.
Again, this bit of information is easy to believe. The Dog won’t stay hidden forever and has got to surface again sometime.

How soon is soon?

For many fans of the Bounty Hunter, it can’t be soon enough. One of the common themes, in both comments left at this site and emails we’ve received, is that people feel a hole has developed in their regular TV viewing habits without their weekly ‘dose of Dog’.
[Truth-O-Meter Rating: 8.5]

The next one is not believable at all.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Big Rumblings From the Rumor Mill 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: Big Rumblings From the Rumor Mill 

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