Civil Rights Pioneer, Roy Innis, Agreed Last Week to Monitor Duane “Dog” Chapman

Newshounds’ Ellen Thinks Roy Innis is “dubious” when it Comes to Civil Rights 

DBKP Asks 2006 “Angry Negro Award” winner, Snoop, of Political Party Poop  for his Opinion

“More Fake White Liberal Outrage: The Rehabilitation of Duane “Dog” Chapman is the result.
DBKP asks Political Party Poop’s Snoop for his opinion on Newshounds’ Ellen dissing CORE’s Roy Innis over Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Duane Chapman.

Boy, did he give us his opinion!

INTRO: Duane “Dog” Chapman, Dog of TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter, had his phone conversation with a son taped and sold to the National Enquirer. During the conversation, Chapman repeatedly used a racial slur. Arts and Entertainment Network then pulled the show from its line-up.

In the intervening weeks, a chastised Chapman has sought out civil rights leaders, black charity groups and others in continuing effort to not only rehabilitate his image, but also to honestly change, what he’s called “hurtful” behavior and words with which he heard and used while he was a youth.

DBKP has written of the Dog’s journey and his attempts to make amends for using, again what he called, “words that hurt”.
* Civil Rights Pioneer To Mentor Dog
* Black Group BOND to Sponsor Toy Giveaway, Dog
* Dog the Bounty Hunter Gives Under-Privileged Kids $26,000 of Toys
* Rumors Rumble about Dog’s Return

After Roy Innis, national chairman of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) announced last week that he and others at CORE had met with Chapman and agreed to help mentor Dog, an article appeared at a website called “Newshounds”.

In the article, the author–“Ellen”–takes Roy Innis, a man who has battled police brutality and has lost 2 sons to criminal gun violence, to task for talking to the Dog.

White Supremacist Sympathizer Sean Hannity Helps Duane “Dog” Chapman Rehabilitate His Racist Image offered that “Hannity was helped out in that regard by the dubious “civil rights pioneer” Roy Innis and his son, Niger.”


Ellen provides many services at “Newshounds”. In the above article, she offers her opinion of Roy Innis,a man who battled real racist from the time he joined CORE’s Harlem chapter in 1963.

That was almost 44 years ago, in which time, Innis tackled the NY state public school authorities to provide equality of funding for black schoolchildren in Harlem, as well as taking on the NYPD over the issue of police brutality.

Against this 44 years of toiling in the trenches for CORE and its causes, we place the words of “Ellen”, of Newshounds.

We’re not sure what “Ellen” has been doing the last 44 years. Who knows? Maybe she was battling the NYPD also. Maybe she was riding in buses meant only for whites.

Oh, sorry, Ellen.

Ellen offers another service besides her critique of black civil rights leaders.

Read rest of story:

Dog the Bounty Hunter: More Fake White Liberal Outrage 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: More Fake White Liberal Outrage

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