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Dog Says He Loves Son Who Sold Him Out 

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America: Dog Update

A nice article from Bloggers New Network about Black America: Does it forgive Dog the Bounty Hunter? The story below speculates that they do, based on the response from Dog’s black fans.

We got one such letter yesterday at DBKP. It’s after the story below.

From psburton at BNN:
A majority of African Americans who saw Duane Chapman’s interview on Larry King express a willingness to forgive dog the bounty hunter provided his remorse and humility was genuine. I made a point of asking one of my neighbors who is black to watch the show so I could solicit his opinion. ”Mostly I would say its his upbringing that caused him the trouble” my friend remarked. I asked if he felt it would be appropriate for A&E to give him his job back. “Yea and he should spend some of the salary they pay him on adult education”. ”The thing is, Not so much what the “Dog” was saying” ”It’s a black minister willing to come on National t.V.’ and say now look here brothers and sisters, I am this mans spiritual leader and while he may need counseling on the use of profanity and slurs he is not a racist and I am also telling you he is a believing Christian and a friend of mine”

We received this email yesterday. We thought the writer made some good points.

I want to send you an e-mail to let you know that I and my non-white family are behind the Dog! He said nothing but an exagerated swear word for what the “duo” must have already done before this incident…

Not only that the conversation very private, but also made public by people that you must doubt integrity and motives; how did they get Dog talking like that despite of his “one of the boys” attitude even with criminals…???? Like my grandson may say,”are you nuts?”

Said Damon Wayans at the “View,” “Black folks sitting it out laughing, just watching,, while whites cry out ‘foul’, ‘foul’ and have the sense of what?… conscience? ” Let’s ruin someone today?”

Read rest of story:

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America


Dog the Bounty Hunter and Black America
BNN: Black America Forgives Dog the Bounty Hunter

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