Sometimes the news business is a strange one. In a moment of pure boredom, well Saturdays tend to be pretty slow, I took a look at the Hot Stories on the site. Two were ripping up the site, but I could not figure out why. One article came from 2008 and was a somewhat snarky piece about Dog The Bounty Hunters Pups. You can find it here.

The second was very much in the same vein. And you can enjoy it here. 

But why would anyone care about these very old stories? A check on Google did not seem to help. The biggest Dog story seemed to involve one of his pups having an oopsy with some pepper spray and spraying himself. Apparently Leland, who is trained in many fighting techniques, Beth Chapman explained:

The fugitive turned it around and sprayed Leland with his own mace.

This still made no sense. Why would the servers being ripped up because one of Dog’s pups got an ouch and needed some TLC from den mother Beth. 

After much digging, I think I have solved the mystery. The excitement is not about Dog or his wounded pup, but actor Randy Quaid. I love his on screen performances, well whats not to love with his character Russel T Casse in Independence Day.


Or his role as Cousin Eddie in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.


As best I can tell Randy and his wife Evi fell foul of the law, it was a relatively minor issue and bail was set at $50,000. A bail bond company seeing $$$$ signs managed to get the bail increased to $500,000 EACH. This is some damn fine pickings! Essentially you have just made a quick $200,000. Of course there is a downside. Should the client(s) not show up in court, you are liable for the entire bond.

Oh, its an ouch for the Bail Bond company. But I suspect that Dog and the pups know better than to go hunting in other countries. They didn’t fare so well in Mexico. I suspect that they would do even worse in Canada. Lumberjacks don’t need guns, they rip the likes of Dog and his pups apart with their bare hands. Mace is what they put on their breakfast as seasoning!

Simon Barrett

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