The Bounty Hunter Now Has a Price on His Head

White Supremacists Threaten the Dog With Death

Aryan Nations Reported to Be the Group

We received an alert from Google News about an hour ago and included in the offerings was the news that the Dog was in danger.

How would the Bounty Hunter respond to having a bounty placed on his head?

How would his fans respond?

Can this be true?

White power groups threaten to kill the Dog because of his public apology on TV? That’s sensational news to be sure. The following story was reported at Contact Music “White Supremacists Threaten to Kill Duane “Dog” Chapman“.

A group of hardcore white supremacists have put a bounty on DUANE ‘DOG’ CHAPMAN’s head after he publicly apologised for racial slurs he was caught using in a taped conversation.

Contact Music doesn’t seem to be the leader in world wide news.

Read rest of story:

Dog the Bounty Hunter: $75,000 Bounty Placed on Dog’s Head 


Dog the Bounty Hunter: $75,000 Bounty Placed on Dog’s Head

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