I have to admit that the TV show ‘Dog the bounty hunter’ was not one of my favorites, in my opinion it showed the Bail Bond Industry in a very poor light. Dog, Beth and the puppies dressed in Mad Max costumes dashing around busting people that had failed to appear in court (FTA). Much of the footage was clearly scripted for TV.  Reality Comic Con.

I know that the laws concerning Bail Bonds and Recovery Agents vary a great deal from state to state. What is permissible in one state is grounds for serious ‘Detention’ (jail) in another. There is one common theme however, if you bond someone out and they fail to show up for their court appearance a clock starts ticking. You need to produce the ‘goods’ in court or pay the court the entire Bond fee owed.

Generally a Bond company charges 10% (non refundable), so if the bond is set at $1,000 the person accused of wrong doing would have to pay $100. In the case where the accused fails to appear the court insists that the Bond company pay a ‘fine’ of the entire amount. Obviously no Bond company wishes to do this, so they employ the services of Recovery Agents (Bounty Hunters).

I read this today and got a giggle out of it Da kine bail bonds is being sued. http://www.kitv.com/story/32441111/hawaii-attorney-general-sues-dog-chapmans-bail-bonds-business

Of course Dog Chapman doesn’t have a license to carry a pet goldfish never mind a gun. As far as I can tell Beth is the brains of the litter.

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