There is an interesting Press Release about our good buddy Dog Chapman and his wife Beth. Apparently they are so busy with capturing Pot smokers, Crack addicts and other sundry criminals in Hawaii  they feel the need to engage professional help to manage their many speeches and other public appearances.


One would think that your value as a bounty hunter would diminish as you become famous. The ‘bad guys n gals’ would run a mile. It is pretty hard to sneek up on someone when you are on national, even international news TV stations. Dog Chapmen has managed 4 seasons in A&E and scrored high marks. But I am sure that even A&E have figured out that it is time for new blood.


This was the Press release.

Is it real or is it Memorex? That is the question you have to ask yourself. There have been several times that reputable organizations have been duped.

I would have thought that the press release would have had more information, such as a contact name, and a telephone number.

Simon Barrett





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