News sources and the rumor mill are saying that Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has made his peace with the Mexican authorities concerning Andrew Luster. In case you missed it, Dog Chapman and his happy band of mace wielding  elves liberated the Max Factor heir from Mexico on rape charges and Mr Luster is now cooling his heals for the next 124 years in jail.

Unfortunately Mexico was not very happy with Dog Chapman and has been seeking his extradition on kidnapping and unlawful confinement charges. It is one thing to bust a local crack addict for breaking the bail bond, it is entirely different to go into someone else’s country and kidnap someone

It seems that our beloved Dog Chapman has dodged the bullet this time. I for one, never thought that the US court system would hand over the illustrious Dog anyway. With his number one rated A&E pseudo reality series Dog Chapman is almost an institution! The mere idea of Dog eating burritos and rice in some horrible Mexican prison is abhorrent.

A press conference is scheduled for 10am Hawaii time, and sources close to the Chapman gang are saying that he is going to announce that Mexico has formally dropped all charges against him and his mace wielding elves.

Simon Barrett

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