Does the NIA want to return Africa to the dark years of slavery and British Imperialism.?British National Asked

By Michael Scales, UK

Dear Mr.Editor,

May i express my confusion over the charges brought against Mrs Fatou Jaw Manneh.You engaged my interest and i responded over her arrest at Banjul International Airport and her detention and lengthy interrogation,by The Gambian, National Intelligence Agency.I think my critisism of her detention of more than 72 hours is also shared by the recent statement on The Presidents web site.Where His Excellancy states :we have a constitutional obligation to charge or release after 72 hours:
You and other online newspapers have billed Mrs.Manneh as some kind of Political Activist,or freedom fighter or outspoken critic of the Gambian Government. Quite frankly,I have read the texts she has written and must confess, that these rambleings are equivalent to a dreamy high school girls memos.I thought sedition and absoulutism were relics from King George of England and his strangulation of American settlers in New England.Does the NIA want to return Africa to the dark years of slavery and British Imperialism.?The words written no more invoke sedition than the words of John Lennons much acclaimed song..IMAGINE. A parralel which has uncomfortable undertones and comparisons with J.Edgar Hoover of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation.They tried to deport Lennon many times on the orders of an administration that was fearful of Lennons power to engage and persuade the movement of Liberty and freedom of expression.You will no doubt recall with some trepidation that that President was eventually  impeached and removed from office.
Despite every effort made to discredit President Jammeh by online agencies..not one shread of evidence has ever been produced.It is either heresay or inuendo.His only crime is his popularity with the ordinary people of his nation.For which he is constantly challenged by old alliances and feudal tribalism.I have asked this question many many times….if he wasnt there….what would you replace him with.?From what i have seen and the 23 death threats that i have already recieved…my opinion is I dare not think.At this ongoing eleventh hour i still have every confidence in this President and his overwhelming commitment to shake the Gambia kicking and screaming into the 21 st century.Regarding Mrs Manneh….the argument by Lawyer Jobarteh…is eminently common sense….by which all good arguments are settled.This case is the property of an authority outside the juristriction any court in The Gambia and should be closed under the heading of Freedom of thought and expression.This is not a crime….THIS IS DEMOCRACY….We all have an opinion….I  regret ,if mine is not what you want to hear.
Kind regards…..Michael
Posted on Thursday, April 05, 2007 (Archive on Friday, April 27, 2007)
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