So the daughter of a Supreme Court Justice was busted for DUI. When I first the headline, I almost didn’t click on it. It’s not as though this poor woman chose to be in the public eye, like a movie star or a recording artist. I felt bad for her. Not only had she made a horrendous mistake (one that many people of my acquaintance made in their youth, unfortunately) but everyone in the nation knew about it. I’m glad I clicked on the story anyway, because all of my feelings of sympathy flew right out the window.

First of all, the woman is well past the age of youthful order finasteride online australia indiscretions. But maybe I could have overlooked that (as reality TV can tell you, even the middle-aged can make stupid decisions) if they hadn’t caught her at McDonald’s. I’ve been to Illinois and I never saw any beer at McDonald’s. So one might conclude that she was not trying to get home from a bar or party, but had indeed left the house drunk. With three children in the car.

That’s when I realized that I was actually happy that everyone seemed to have picked up on this story. Maybe the humiliation will inspire her to get some help (or some sense). I hope so.

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