There was a party last night in Miami at one of the many mansions in the city that went on until well after the sun came up this morning. The mansion where the party was being held happens to be where the one and only Lindsay Lohan has been staying at while she is in Miami for an art festival.

Now according to TMZ Paris Hilton’s little brother, Barron Hilton was at this party and while they someone had accused him of talking smack about Lindsay and before you knew it, someone was attacking Barron and ended up beating him to a pulp.

Barron Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

Now once the police arrived they talked to Barron about the fight. Barron claimed he didn’t know who the guy was that beat him up but he knew Lindsay Lohan was behind it all.  He told them that Lindsay had approached him at the party with a male friend of hers and started screaming at him, “You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.” Then the guy with Lindsay started fighting him as Lindsay was laughing and egging him on. So he knew Lindsay was the one that orchestrated the beating.

Now according to Michael Lohan, Lindsay had nothing to do with the fight and in fact she had left before it even started and she has several witnesses including security guards that would be able to be her alibis. Michael claims that Lindsay didn’t want to be around any trouble like drugs, alcohol or violence and she even had some of the people removed from the house before there was ever a fight.

Alibi or not, Lindsay will have a hard time proving she wasn’t  there since there is clearly a video, which can be seen here, showing Barron practically being face to face with Lohan outside the mansion right after the fight as he tried to confront her about it.

So how is Lindsay going to get out of this one? Oh well! And we common folks think we have problems! Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!

Jan Barrett

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