It is believed by many that God plays an integral role in our nation’s culture. After all, when pledging our allegiance to our flag, we utter, ‘One nation under God,’ the words, ‘In God We Trust,’ are tatooed on our money, and in a publicly announced presidential discourse we often times hear, ‘May God bless America.’ In a recent survey issued to 1,721 Americans by Baylor University, 19% said they either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “God favors the United States in worldly affairs.” Researchers also noted, 31% believed in an “authoritarian” God who is largely concerned with punishing humans on a daily basis. 23% believed in a “benevolent” God who’s less interested in punishment, while 16% believed God doesn’t get involved with mortal life, but instead keeps a tally of deeds used in their judgment for the afterlife. 25% believe God created the laws of nature, but no longer partakes in today’s activities. Among the 19% that believe God favors the United States, Republicans outnumber the Democrats by four times. Paul Froese, an assistant sociology of religion professor at Baylor University believes these are important findings in our ideas of our national culture.

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