As everyone that has been following the story about the disappearance of then 2 year old Caylee Anthony, knows what a bizarre story this has turned out to be. Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony has recently been released yet again from The Orange County jail and is back at home wearing her ankle monitor, being pampered again I am sure by her mother Cindy Anthony. Something tells me nothing will ever be normal for this family again.

Last night ABC’s 20/20 aired a special that some claimed to be an interview with the Anthony’s. Rumor had it where the Anthony’s were offered quite a large sum of money for the interview but of course ABC denies it and naturally Jose Baez denies it too. After all if they accepted an offer of $1 million how would that look on them as they portrait the grieving grandparents. I suppose that is is strictly coincidental that suddenly it was no problem for the Anthony’s to bail their daughter out of jail.

On the 20/20 show they used home movies taken of Caylee with the family which I am sure was meant to try and show what a happy family they once were. Jose Baez wants us to believe this family is normal. “This is a normal family in an insane situation,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a playbook on how to act when your granddaughter goes missing.” I would call them anything but normal, more like a family made up out of a Steven King novel.

Last night the cops were called out for the crowd in front of the Anthony’s that were protesting since Casey was released from jail. They were allowed to stay but were asked not to yell out towards the Anthony’s home because it was disturbing the neighbors.

Late last night the police arrived at the Anthony home to search George Anthony’s car. The Orlando Sentinel said that Orange County deputies were seen taking something from the spare tire well in his car. A spokesman from the Orange County Corrections Department told News 13 that they had received a tip of a handgun being on the Anthony’s property which is a violation to Casey’s bail.

David Lohr from the Criminal Report Daily is in Orlando personally assisting in the search. He said today that  they had a great turnout with volunteers showing up helping with the search. He says people from all over the country showed up this morning. Some came in with boats and ATV’s while others had their backpacks and walking sticks ready to start searching.

One of the guys in charge of the K9’s said the search would have been easier if they had something of Caylee’s so the dog’s could pick up her scent but when they requested something from the Anthony’s they allegedly have refused to give them anything. This really sounds like a family that is cooperating to help find their missing granddaughter. They are more than likely claiming that they refuse because they still say she is alive.

I wish this would all come to a happy ending but I seriously doubt it will. Caylee has been missing too long now and if by some chance someone does have her, chances are they will never surrender her now for fear of going to jail.

I guess only time will tell if little Caylee will ever be found. The only person that knows for sure what happened to her, is too self centered to talk. She is loving all this publicity she is getting by keeping quiet. She will never talk, unless of course it will be once again another lie, which is what we all seem to expect from her now. I hope where ever Caylee is that she knows she has a world full of people that care about her. Strangers from across the globe have come to love this little girl and everyone has her best interest at heart. We all say our prayers that she is found so she can finally rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

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